Cuomo Bans Smoking on Train Platforms, Bus Stops

Don Draper is dead.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill today that would prohibit smoking at all Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North outdoor stations.

“It is important that commuters are not unwillingly subject to the dangers of second-hand smoke while waiting on train platforms,”  Cuomo said in a statement. “Exposure to second-hand smoke can lead to serious health problems for non-smokers and this law will make outdoor MTA train platforms, ticketing and boarding areas a cleaner, healthier place for all commuters.

Smoking is already banned at all MTA stations in New York City.

The bill received high praise from health advocates.

“Governor Cuomo’s action today will greatly improve public health and will ensure that commuters are better protected from the very real dangers of secondhand smoke,” said Irwin Berlin, MD board chair of the American Lung Association in New York. “Exposure to secondhand smoke can trigger asthma attacks and can even cut lives short. No one should have to endure being exposed to toxic secondhand smoke as part of their daily commute.”

New York is becoming increasingly smoke-free.  Earlier this year Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed into law a bill that banned smoking in public parks and beaches, and advocates said that their next target was banning smoking in front of public buildings.

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