Tea Party Group Says Sarah Palin WILL Attend Iowa Rally

A spokesman for Tea Party of America said that in fact Gov. Sarah Palin will in fact attend a Tea Party rally in Iowa on September 3.

Earlier today it was reported that Palin had pulled out of the rally.

“She never pulled out, but there was some misinformation in the media and so we are just clarifying that the governor is appearing,” Harlan Colt, a spokesman for the group, told The Observer.

He did say however that Christine O’Donnell would not be appearing.

“She is not appearing on her own decision,” he said.  Continue reading “Tea Party Group Says Sarah Palin WILL Attend Iowa Rally”

Nan Hayworth Backs Eric Cantor’s Call for More Cuts in Wake of Storm

nan hayworth2 Nan Hayworth Backs Eric Cantors Call for More Cuts in Wake of StormHudson Valley congresswoman Nan Hayworth told a local newspaper that she backs House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s calls for budget cuts to pay for Hurricane Irene clean-up.

“We’re facing a natural disaster in the middle of an economic disaster,” Hayworth said Wednesday. “The federal government has to balance its budget the way our families do.” Continue reading “Nan Hayworth Backs Eric Cantor’s Call for More Cuts in Wake of Storm”

Alec Baldwin Explains to David Letterman Why He Isn’t Running for Mayor [Video]

If Alec Baldwin does in fact hope to be the next mayor of New York, he may have to do some serious voter repair work in Queens.

Speaking on “The David Letterman Show,” the 2017 front-runner said, “Would I rather be hand-cuffed to the emergency command center in Maspeth during a hurricane, or would I rather spend some of that ’30 Rock’ money travelling the world with my girlfriend? Which do you think? So running for mayor–I don’t know.”

People of New York–would you trust this man in a blizzard??

Take a look:


President Obama Declares New York a Disaster

 President Obama Declares New York a DisasterPresident Barack Obama declared the State of New York a major disaster and ordered federal aid to the areas affected by Hurricane Irene.

Declaring New York an official disaster makes federal funding available to affected individuals in the Albany, Delaware, Dutchess, Essex, Greene, Schenectady, Schoharie, and Ulster counties.

Assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster, according to a release from the White House. Continue reading “President Obama Declares New York a Disaster”

Citing Gustavo Rivera, Bill Samuels Endorses Jesus Gonzalez

 Citing Gustavo Rivera, Bill Samuels Endorses Jesus GonzalezBill Samuels, the high-tech entrepreneur who started the reform-minded New Roosevelt Initiative last year to aid insurgent candidates who could shake up Albany, announced this morning that he is endorsing Jesus Gonzalez in the highly-contested Assembly special election in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn.

“A vote for Gonzalez is a vote in favor of change and reform in Brooklyn and beyond,” Samuels said. “If we can mobilize voters on behalf of candidates such as Gonzalez, it will mark an encouraging sign for young reformers throughout this city, who want to take on the entrenched and corrupt political system and change it for the better.” Continue reading “Citing Gustavo Rivera, Bill Samuels Endorses Jesus Gonzalez”