Peter King and Don Imus Have An Insult Party [Video]

We assume this was all meant to be in the spirit of the good fun, but it was pretty jarring to listen to Don Imus this morning interview Long Island Congressman Peter King.

After playing a tape of King’s reading from his prepared remarks at yesterday’s hearings on Muslim radicalization, Imus remarked that the Congressman “sounds like a remedial reading course.”

“It’s great to be here,” King responded. “Even if you are making those ridiculous remarks.”

“Everybody knows I am one of the most articulate, eloquent members of Congress who tries to explain things in terms even you can understand.”

King spoke to Imus by phone, and after the radio host questioned the need for yet more Muslim radicalization hearings, King explained why they were necessary to educate the public since, “not everybody is as smart as Don Imus.”

“Pretty brave of you to attack me when you are not here in the studio where I can get my hands around your fact neck, aren’t ya?” Imus responded.

“For an old man with a cowboy hat, you have an awful lot to say,” King said.

The interview ended with Imus asking King if he had heard from his “good buddy” Anthony Weiner since he resigned from Congress in a sex scandal.

King said that he had not, and told Imus, “a lot of things he was doing reminded me of you.”

“I’m glad you are not here,” Imus said. ” I have been working  out with weights lately. I would put an ass-whupping on you if you were here.”

After telling Imus that he was “a malevolent, evil person,” King suggested that the radio host go see a play with Danny Aiello that the Congressman had seen.

“I am not going to see anything,” Imus. “Stop grandstanding with all these stupid hearings.”


3 thoughts on “Peter King and Don Imus Have An Insult Party [Video]

  1. I used be a Don Imus fan-and then he moved to Fox.  I can’t stand his wife though.  Keep in mind Imus has 4 grown children besides that little wretch of Wyatt. One daughter ran a restaurant in Ausable Forks for a while. Might have made a go of it, if her dad had contributed. [Nadine, I think her name is. From an independent thinker in the Adirondacks. NOT A TEA PARTIER ALTHOUGH WE HAVE A FEW OF THEM IN aDIRONDACKS AND IN PLATTSBURGH.

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