'Days Are Numbered': Aide Says Caller Threatened Weprin

A political consultant has contacted the police after receiving a voice message from a man who said Democrat David Weprin’s “days are numbered.”

Consultant Mary Simon was Weprin’s finance director up until a  month ago. She said she received the call on her cell phone Wednesday afternoon and alerted the State Troopers in the capital, along with Weprin’s family and district office.

In the call, which Simon forwarded me, the man refers to Israel and calls Weprin “a traitor” and says “you fucking pieces of shit have done more damage to this country than all fucking Muslim terrorists combined.”

The man, who does not identify himself, ends his 30-second message by saying “You people suck and your fucking days are numbered.”

The race has, in some ways, become a referendum on Mideast politics, with both Weprin and his Republican opponent, Bob Turner, trying to outdo one another as the staunchest allies of Israel. The 9th congressional district, covering parts of Queens and Brooklyn, has among the largest concentrations of Jewish voters of any district in the country.

I called the number Simon said the message came from. It has an 860 area code. After several rings, it went to voice mail. The voice sounded similar to the one in the threatening message Simon sent me. The voice mail I called said the man’s name was “Pete.”

I left a detailed message that, so far, has not been returned.


One thought on “'Days Are Numbered': Aide Says Caller Threatened Weprin

  1. People should not abuse the help being given to them by voicemail. This means they should only use it to leave important messages. They should not harass or threaten other individuals through it.

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