Sunday Reading: Eric Schneiderman is no John Liu

rorylancman july29 Sunday Reading: Eric Schneiderman is no John Liu
Assemblyman Lancman Speaks to Employees at Cornerstone of Medical Arts Center as They Vote to Strike on July 29, 2011. (via Lancman's flickr stream)

2012: “I wouldn’t rule an endorsement out…But I don’t think he’ll run,” Koch said of Giuliani. [Larry McShane / Daily News]

2013: DC37 union boss reportedly very happy with Liu. [David Seifman / NY Post]

Debt: Optimism for a deal, but nothing firm yet. [Andrew Ackerman and Michael Crittenden / WSJ]

Immigration: Silent march on Friday commemorated first anniversary of Arizona’s immigration law. [Albor Ruiz / Daily News]

Wall Street: ” ‘We thought it was the second coming of John Liu’ said one business insider…But the fears about Mr. Schnedierman have proved unfounded so far.” [Shane Kavanaugh / Crains]

Airplanes: Bloomberg’s quip revealed some annoyance with Obama over the president’s criticism of jet owners. [David Seifman / NY Post]

District Leader: Names of dead voters on petitions in Lower Manhattan race. [Ginger Adam Otis / NY Post]

Headline: “Rupert Murdoch given $27M no-bid contract from state Department of Education.”

FOIL: City Parks Department slow to respond to requests for info, critics say. [Nicholas Hirshon / Daily News]

Staff: Markowitz’s office employs 66 people, including 3 chauffeurs, the most of any borough president.” [Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein / NY Post]

Member Items: “City budget data shows that Jewish affiliated nonprofits have far outpaced their religious counterparts in bringing home taxpayer dough.” [Gary Buiso / NY Post]

Brooklyn: “[F]or a sitting DA to praise a pol as dubious as Lopez is just mind-boggling. Hynes should know better.” [NY Post]

Western NY: Zemsky is Cuomo’s go-to guy; Dem Erie County exec candidate  will have a major fund-raiser on August 18. [Bob McCarthy / Buffalo News]

Ticket Slowdown?: Some 52,159 moving violations were issued citywide for the 28-day period ending July 24, down from 67,649 over the same span last year.” [Kevin Deutsch and Bob Kappstatter / Daily News]

Staten Island: “Geography seems to be the last frontier where it’s OK to blatantly poke fun of someone.”[Jillian Jorgensen / SI Advance]

Media: Col Allan tells NY Post staff to keep any info on phone hacking and government bribery. [Jessica Vascellaro / WSJ

Media: Gay City News sees boost in ads, thanks to new same-sex marriage law. pMatthew Flamm / Crains]

Liu Preps City In Case Of Federal Default

johncliu1 Liu Preps City In Case Of Federal DefaultCity Comptroller John Liu sent out a “Debt Ceiling Advisory” this afternoon in advance of the possibility that Congress is unable to come to a resolution in the next four days to lift the federal debt ceiling.

“As inconceivable as it seems, Washington appears stuck in a quagmire just days from the hard deadline for a debt ceiling resolution,” Liu said.  “The irresponsibility and ineptitude being demonstrated in our nation’s capital could cause profound damage to our city, first and foremost with more than one million seniors and disabled New Yorkers being cut off from their primary source of income.” Continue reading “Liu Preps City In Case Of Federal Default”

Roundup: Dividing Koch and Lieberman, Watching the Debt Deadline

christie record222 Roundup: Dividing Koch and Lieberman, Watching the Debt Deadline
The Record in NJ has a full-body shot of NJ Governor Christie above the fold today, one day after he complained of breathing problems. (via

Tonight: Maloney on Kudlow at 7:30 p.m. [Facebook]

2013 Translation: “Bill de Blasio, a spokesman for civil rights.” [Red / Super Express USA]

NY-9: “This might be the one district where you actually want [Lieberman’s] help.”  [David Nir / Daily Kos]

NY-9: “Lieberman’s endorsement is noteworthy because he has also sharply criticized Obama’s Israel policy.” [JTA]

NY-9: “Both Koch, a Democrat who backed GeorgeW. Bush in 2004 and Lieberman seem to believe Republicans are better for Israel. Yet, somehow, they’ve come to different conclusions about this race.” [Adam Dickter / Jewish Week]

NY-9: Lieberman said Weprin won’t got stuck in partisan fights. [NY1]

Debt Ceiling: “[T]hink if this is going to break, it’s going to break Sunday night,” said Rep. Owens. [Post-Star]

Debt Ceiling: [T]his impasse really has nothing to do with rational thinking. [Steve Kornacki / Salon]

Redistricting: “Stonewalling.” [Colby Hamilton / WNYC]

Taxes: “Cuomo approves Nassau sales tax extension.” [Yancey Roy / Newsday]

Same-Sex Marriage: Niles Crain likes McDonald’s vote. [Liz Benjamin / Capital Tonight]

Schools: Bloomberg says teacher tenure is a relic from McCarthy era. [Geoffrey Decker / Gotham Schools]

Garbage: Fish used as bait in UES protest over garbage. [Amy Zimmer / DNA]

Headline: “Quinn Narrowly Leads Democrats in NYC Mayoral Poll.” [Julie Bolcer / Advocate]

Hires: Cuomo aide Paul Thomas hired by Parkside. [Ken Lovett / Daily News]

Holidays: Ramadan begins August 1. [Jole /]

Trends: Some eye-rolling over NYO’s Twee story. [Mary /]

And has anyone tried The Markowitz?


Cuomo Renews Addition to County Taxes, Sunsetting in 2013

cuomo taxpayers Cuomo Renews Addition to County Taxes, Sunsetting in 2013
Governor Cuomo and lawmakers at a ceremonial signing of the property tax cap legislation on Long Island. (photo credit: Governor Cuomo's official flickr stream)

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed what he called the toughest property tax cap in the nation, as part of his vow to end New York’s reign as the “tax capital of the nation.”

That has put pressure on local governments who say they will be hard-pressed to raise revenue they need to fund the services they provide and keep staffing at their current levels.

Let it not be said that Cuomo’s office is completely inflexible when it comes to giving localities the discretion to tax residents.

Today, Cuomo’s office announced he signed into law a slew of bills extending a 1 percent  increase in sales and “compensating use” taxes at the county level. (Most are renewals of increases to local taxes that have passed previously. Some, though, are new, like Herkimer County’s additional 1.25 percent.)

Continue reading “Cuomo Renews Addition to County Taxes, Sunsetting in 2013”

Weprin Touts Tenure As Council Finance Chair, Urges End to Debt Crisis

5915862862 12de662de8 Weprin Touts Tenure As Council Finance Chair, Urges End to Debt CrisisAs a compromise over lifting the debt ceiling seems further away, Congressional candidate David Weprin touted his experience in elected office in urging both sides to come to an agreement and to whack Republicans for proposing a massive roll-back in spending.

“As someone who has spent more than 20 years working in public finance and 8 years as Chair of the New York City Council Finance Committee, I know how to balance budgets and close multi-billion dollar deficits,” Weprin said in a statement. “Destroying Medicare and Social Security isn’t the way to do it.”

Among the many division in this race–Israel, the Ryan Plan, etc.–one is between the insider and the outsider. Earlier this week  Republican Bob Turner’s campaign knocked Weprin for being a career politician who is always on the hunt for a new office. Although his campaign is trying to posit Weprin as someone with the experience necessary to serve in Congress, his time as finance chair was not unblemished. He served on the committee during the slush fund scandal, when it was revealed that the Council was storing money under the budget lines of  fictitious non-profits.

Rest of the release is below:

It is clear that House Republicans are wasting time with a plan that has no chance instead of working toward a bipartisan compromise to prevent the first debt default in the nation’s history and take meaningful steps toward reducing our long term debt.

What the Republicans in Congress are doing is shameful. To put it simply, they are playing chicken with our economy and are placing our nation’s economic well-being in jeopardy for the sake of playing partisan games. The Republicans’ insistence that the debt ceiling agreement be consummated on the backs of seniors, working families and children, while protecting tax subsidies and loopholes for Big Oil and companies that outsource jobs is simply shameful.

[Photo via Azi Paybarah’s flickr]


Brooklyn Operative Warns of Muslim Takeover Thanks to Birthrate in Europe

The deadly terrorist attack last week is Oslo by a lone, right-wing extremist has put Norway on the map for many people.

But the country had already been on the mind of one Republican County Committee member in Brooklyn, who wrote back in April about that country’s challenges dealing with their growing Muslim population.

Writing on back in April, Lisa Samuelsen of Marine Park said Muslims “have the capability of taking over every country, at least in Europe” because of their high birthrate.  Continue reading “Brooklyn Operative Warns of Muslim Takeover Thanks to Birthrate in Europe”