Bloomberg Wants $600 M. Refund From CityTime Contractor

Mayor Bloomberg is requesting a $600 million refund from the company overseeing the CityTime project.

Citing criminal charges levied against at least two employees of Science Applications International Corporation, Bloomberg said the company’s oversight of the project were “extremely troubling and raise questions about SAIC’s corporate responsibility and internal controls.” Continue reading “Bloomberg Wants $600 M. Refund From CityTime Contractor”

The Wedding Party! HRC Hosts a Same-Sex Marriage Celebration

alesi hrc fingers e1309378423818 The Wedding Party! HRC Hosts a Same Sex Marriage CelebrationWhen Republican State Senator Jim Alesi was introduced at the Human Rights Campaign party Tuesday night, celebrating last week’s passage of same-sex marriage, the audience exploded with cheers and applause.

“That’s exactly what it sounded like when I went to church on Sunday,” he said. The audience burst into laughter.

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Bloomberg Hails Alesi as Historic 'Tipping Point' on Marriage

This morning at Gracie Mansion, Mayor Bloomberg heaped praise on Jim Alesi, the first Republican State Senator to say he would vote for same-sex marriage, which narrowly passed thanks to a handful of votes from his side of the aisle.

Bloomberg said Alesi “showed courageous leadership” and was the “tipping point in the debate.”

“I think you will go down in the history books as the legislator who turned the tide on marriage equality,” said Bloomberg, “Not only here in New York State but I think this is going to spread across the country.”

Alesi, said nine of ten constituents in his upstate district have thanked him for his vote, but admitted, there has been some political fallout.

Before the vote last week, “I did call my chairman in Monroe County and did give him a courtesy call,” said Alesi. “And I think shortly thereafter, in a matter of seconds, we had an understanding that our relationship was over.”

Senators Riding Especially High in Q Poll

One other interesting note from this morning’s Quinnipiac poll: both U.S. Senators are especially popular at the moment.

Kirsten Gillibrand posted a 54-percent approval rating, tying the best she’s ever done in the poll. And with just 22-percent disapproving of the job she’s doing, it’s slightly better than her previous best. Continue reading “Senators Riding Especially High in Q Poll”

Morning Read: Cuomo Looms Large, Giuliani Dodges Gay Wedding

alesi hrc222 Morning Read: Cuomo Looms Large, Giuliani Dodges Gay Wedding
Republican State Senator Jim Alesi, speaking at Human Rights Campaign's Marriage Equality celebration victory party in New York City. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

2016: Cuomo speaks to Maureen Dowd, who notes ” Cuomo, who now has a huge and excited base of millions of volunteers, activists and donors across the country, can press a button and raise millions.” [Maureen Dowd / New York Times]

Weddings: Giuliani dodging call to perform gay marriage, which he promised his old roommate. [David Seifman / NY Post]

Strategy: “Bloomberg’s puzzling budget strategy.” [Crain’s]

Unions: Mulgrew and Roberts run the show; Bloomberg ineffective negotiator. [Nicole Gelinas / NY Post]

Vito Lopez: His non-profit is getting a lot of money from the City Council. [Daily News]

Larry Seabrook: Indicted, still handing out money. [Michael Saul and James Oberman / WSJ]

Polls: Cuomo is very popular. [Jennier Epstein / Politico]

School Borrowing: Cuomo to veto it. [Tom Precious / Buffalo News]

Nuclear Power: Indian Point told by Cuomo top aide the governor wants it shut down. [Danny Hakim / New York Times]

Teacher Evaluations: Union sues to block plan while courts decide whether plan is legal. [Jacob Gershman / New York Times]

Saland: More on his decision to support same-sex marriage. [Larry Hertz / Poughkeepsie Journal]

Hydrofracking: Hinchey and Schneiderman want answers from gas companies. [Ian Urbina / New York Times]

Corruption: Schneiderman promotes a public integrity officer to work out of Buffalo office. [Gene Warner / Buffalo News]

Jail: “Gay inmates married in New York will be allowed to receive the same conjugal visits…that their married heterosexual cellmates enjoy.” [Phil Messing / NY Post]

Marriage: “Raytheon Co. and International Business Machines Corp.—say New York employees in same-sex relationships now will have to get married if they want to qualify for the benefits.” [Joann Lublin and Dana Mattioli / WSJ]

Filling Vacancies: “Cuomo should call for primaries in which all interested candidates would petition to get on the ballot and run in all-comers contests Sept. 13, with the winners going on to the Nov. 8 general election. Citizens Union backs this plan.” [Daily News]


Poll: Cuomo More Popular Than Governor [Fill in the Blank]

From Quinnipiac:

Cuomo’s approval is 53 – 26 percent among Republicans, 75 – 13 percent among Democrats, 61 – 19 percent among independent voters and 63 – 20 percent among voters in union households.

Overall, Cuomo’s 66-19 percent job approval rating beats Christie’s in New Jersey, and most other governors. Continue reading “Poll: Cuomo More Popular Than Governor [Fill in the Blank]”

Protesters, and Rats, Greet Scott Walker in New York

scottwalkerrally e1309378592158 Protesters, and Rats, Greet Scott Walker in New York“Say it loud! Say it clear! Scott Walker is not welcome here!” chanted a gaggle of union members and supporters gathered on a hot strip of strip of sidewalk in Grand Army Plaza Park on the Upper East Side this afternoon.

Walker, the first-year governor of Wisconsin, became a national villain of the labor movement in February, when–after a protracted stand-off that saw the state Capitol taken siege by activists–his bill to balance the state budget succeeded in stripping government workers of most of their collective bargaining rights. Continue reading “Protesters, and Rats, Greet Scott Walker in New York”