Cuomo and the Religious Exemption

Gay City News‘ Paul Schindler interviews the governor:

Separate from the interview with Cuomo, the governor’s office declined to respond to hypothetical questions about the exemptions language (which will also be explored in greater detail in next week’s issue), but [Donna] Lieberman [of the NYCLU] said she saw nothing there that would not pass “constitutional scrutiny.” As a result, she said, the NYCLU has no concerns about the bill’s “non-severability” language that would invalidate the entire law if any part were struck down in court.

“There is no reason to look back,” Lieberman said. “This is a victory for us.”

In his response to questions about the exemptions issue, Cuomo added, “I will say, gratuitously, that it’s a trap for the gay community. There is no reason for the gay community to alienate the religious community.”

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