Schneiderman to Sue Feds Over Fracking

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced today that he will file a lawsuit against the federal government for its failure to conduct a full environmental review of a proposal that would permit the “hydrofracking” of natural gas in the Delaware River Basin.

“Before any decisions on drilling are made, it is our responsibility to follow the facts and understand the public health and safety effects posed by potential natural gas development,” Schneiderman said. “The federal government has an obligation to undertake the necessary studies, and as I made clear last month, this office will compel it to do so. The welfare of those living near the Delaware River Basin, as well as the millions of New Yorkers who rely on its pure drinking water each day, will not be ignored.”

According to Schneiderman’s office, federal law requires federal agencies to conduct a full review of anything that may cause significant environmental impacts, but that the Delaware River Basin Commission greenlighted natural gas drilling without undertaking a review.

Last month, a blowout at a Pennsylvania natural gas drilling site caused chemical-laced water to spill into a nearby stream.


5 thoughts on “Schneiderman to Sue Feds Over Fracking

    1. is it that simple? that pro-fracking agents are just “greedy” and “do not care about our health” ?

      i rarely find complicated policy debates falling so easily into such stark relief.

      maybe…could you elaborate a bit on the amount of danger and risk fracking would pose to residents here? is it that ANY risk, is too dangerous to undertake? Or would fracking pose an unacceptably high level of risk?

    2. They only drill where OGM owners have signed a lease. It’s not the rape and pillage most with your position make it out to be. Yes, they make great money on it, but so does the landowner if it’s a good well. The landowner has the ability to negotiate the terms of her lease.

  1. New York city has the most plentiful and highest quality water system in the nation. The Delaware aqueduct system feeds it and many of the towns in Westchester county and other northern suburbs as well. Even southwest Fairfield county in Connecticut receives some water from that system. Without it that area cannot support it’s current population. Any potential risk to the Delaware aqueduct from contamination should be swiftly addressed. Motor boats are not even allowed on the reservoirs! Banning cracking near that water should be a no brainer since contamination is irreversible. Watch the documentary “Gasland” for further substantiation of the risks.

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