Morning Read: Computer Hacking, Gun Violence

tuesday ps Morning Read: Computer Hacking, Gun Violence
Syracuse Post-Standard. via

Understanding Cuomo: He’s more like Rudy than Mario; doesn’t answer questions. [Michael Powell / NY Times]

Anthony Weiner: “Twitter is a kind of verbalization of people yelling at their television sets or gnashing their teeth at the newspaper.” [Ashley Parker / NY Times]

Weiner’s Tweet: Won’t name attorney he’s hired. Schumer “virtually certain he had nothing to do with this.” [Alison Gendar and Michael Feeney / NY Daily News]

Weiner’s Tweet: Hasn’t filed report with capitol police. [Geoff Earle and Kevin Fasick / NY Post]

2012: “Chrysler has become a favorite bragging point with the White House.” [Sharon Terlep and Jeff Bennett / WSJ]

2012: Black conservative Herman Cain “is a lot more like us than anyone who has run for president in our lifetime,” says national Tea Party co-founder Mark Mecckler. [Jason Horowitz / Washington Post]

War Games: Hack U.S. computers, military could respond. [Siobhan Gorman and Juliane Barnes / WSJ]

Israel’s Borders: “The Prime Minister sounded more like a Fox News ‘contributor’ than like the leader of an ally dependent on the United States for its survival.” [Kenrik Hertzberg / New Yorker]

Medicaid: Feds track spending per beneficiary; hospitals measured on “efficiency.” Raske says it’ll “discriminate against inner city hospitals.” [Robert Pear / NY Times]

Healthcare: Costs going up in NY. [Ken Lovett / NY Daily News]

Fracking: Stop worrying. [Bill Hammond / NY Daily News]

State Senate: Neil Breslin and Democratic conference are very calm. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Sign Language: Koo and Halloran to introduce bill forcing changes to store signs “if at least 60% of the writing isn’t in English.” [Mark Morales / NY Daily News]

Turnover: Eight Onondaga County legislators not seeking re-election. [Ricky Moriarty / Post Standard]

Money: A banker in Buffalo makes a skeptic proud. [Joe Nocera / NY Times]

Crime: Another fancy hotel, another maid attacked. [Tamer el-Ghobashy / WSJ]

Guns: 29-year-old Bronx mother holding her son was one of three shooting victims in bloody 6-hour stretch. [Pervaiz Shallwani and Tamer el Ghobashy / WSJ]

Guns: Victim’s two-year-old “keeps saying ‘Mommy, mommy’ and pointing to his face where she got shot,” said relative. [NY Daily News]

Roundup: Investigating Weiner’s Tweet, Protecting Roger Ailes

rorylancman cigar Roundup: Investigating Weiners Tweet, Protecting Roger Ailes
Assemblyman Rory Lancman, via Rory Lancman

Assemblyman Rory Lancman Tweets, “My Twitter’s been hacked! That’s not my receding hairline!!”

Weiner’s Tweet: Spokesman says they have a lawyer to deal with hacking. [Matthew Boyle / Daily Caller]

Weiner’s Tweet: Photo data doesn’t match other images uploaded by Weiner. [Phillip Bump / Mediaite]

Weiner’s Tweet: Law enforcement should verify the congressman’s hacking claim. [Daniel Halper / Weekly Standard]

Conspiracies: Affair between Weiner and lewd pic recipient “circumstantial and not particularly convincing – but neither is the ‘hack’ story.” [Max Reed / Gawker]

Conspiracies: “No word from Weiner denying it.” [Lee Stranahan / Big Journalism]

NY26 Fallout: Democrats eager to run next year. [Carl Huse / NY Times]

Protecting Ailes: “bombproof glass” at Fox. [Ryan Reilly / TPM]

Protecting Ailes: Full story. [Tim Dickinson / Rolling Stones]

Homeless: A first person account. [Steve Boone / Capital New York]

Weather: Hotter in the Bronx than Coney Island. [Roger Clark / Twitter]

Pics: Rep. Grimm at a parade in Brooklyn. [Bay Ridge Journal]

Pics: Cop does parade route on a Segway. [Bay Ridge Journal]

Schumer: ‘Majority of Arabs Don’t Think There Should Be an Israel’ [Video]

horowitz chuckschumer1h Schumer: Majority of Arabs Dont Think There Should Be an Israel [Video]Chuck Schumer addressed the annual Agudath Israel dinner Sunday night and had some harsh words for the Palestinians in regards to the Middle East peace process.

“The reason there is not peace in the Middle East is very simple,” he said.  “It’s  because the majority of Palestinians and the majority of Arabs don’t believe there should be an Israel. Plain and simple.”

Schumer remarks signaled how difficult it would be for President Obama to negotiate a settlement with Israel and Palestine, as the senior Senator also told the audience that they only way for there to be a glimmer of peace in the region is if there is no doubt that the U.S. stands firmly behind Israel.

Take a look:

Morning Read: Weiner’s Tweet, Skelos’ Hearing

ny nyp 5 Morning Read: Weiners Tweet, Skelos Hearing [via]

Kenneth Moreno: “I’m not going to sit here and say that I am innocent.”[Simone Weichselbaum / NY Daily News]

Michael Bloomberg: “I never cease to be amazed by how many highly intelligent people follow the party line instead of doing what they know in their hearts to be right.” [Reuven Blau / NY Daily News]

Weiern’s Tweet: Why didn’t the congressman report his accounts were hacked? [NY Post]

Weiner’s Tweet: Recipient of lewd photo says she’s not his girlfriend. [Sara Kiesler and Alison Gendar / NY Daily News]

Sane-Sex Marriage: Eight state senators undecided. [Joseph Spector / Democrat and Chronicle]

Negotiating: Skelos hearing problem may impact deal-making with Silver. [Fred Dicker / NY Post]

School Staffing: Nationally honored teacher could be laid off. [Thad Komorowski / Buffalo News]

Votes: Rep. Slaughter votes against funding military operations in FY 2012, and against extending the Patriot Act. Reps Higgins and Reed vote in favor of them. [Buffalo News]

Sunday Reading: Changing Election Rules, Donating Gifts to Bloomberg

mrb warhol222 Sunday Reading: Changing Election Rules, Donating Gifts to Bloomberg
By artist Shane Bennett. (photo credit: Angel Chevrestt)

Middle East: Criticizing Obama’s “tone-deafness” on strategy, not policy. [Alan Dershowitz / NY Daily News]

Medicaid: Obama lawyers say individuals can’t sue if reimbursement rates prevent them from getting access to health care. [Robert Pear / NY Times]

Campaign Money: Judge declares ban on corporate contributions illegal; ruling from criminal case involving Hillary Clinton donors. [Nicholas Confessore / NY Times]

DSK: Putin defends him; Kirstie Alley lives next door to him. [NY Post]

2012: “I once saved Hillary Clinton’s life,” said Giuliani. [Ginger Otis / NY Post]

Divorce: Rep. Steve Israel of Long Island who chairs the DCCC, and his wife, a judge, are divorcing. [Geoff Earle / NY Post]

Voting Rules: GOP push photo ID requirement and fewer days for voting; Dem Gov Association fighting back. [Lizette Alvarez / NY Times]

NY26: Hochul looking to buy, or rent, a home in the district. [Robert McCarthy / Buffalo News]

Probes: Editors praise Schneiderman’s investigation of Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. [Times Union]

Probes: With huge profits, Schumer wants oil refrainer investigated. [NY Post]

Cop Acquittals: “The danger just has a prettier face these days,” says one woman. [John Leland / NY Times]

Disclosed: Bloomberg paid at least $1.5 million in taxes and earned $4 million from investments. [Michael Barbaro / NY Times]

Taxes: For co-ops and condos, their taxes “would definitely go down,” said Council Finance Chairman. [David Seifman / NY Post]

Duos: On climate change, Clinton ceded power to Bloomberg, who has a lot of money. “[N]ational and international governments have failed, possibly quite permanently,” said Sheekey.

Budget: Bloomberg doesn’t want to charge cultural groups more taxes, but his aides are moving forward with plans to do just that. [David Seifman / NY Post]

School Salaries: SUNY presidents paid a lot; cars, housing, golf-club memberships. [Cara Matthews / Democrat and Chronicle]

Ethics: Editors want Cuomo to oppose Medical malpractice bill pushed by two Assembly Democrats and opposed by Common Cause. [NY Post]

Gifts: Warhol-inspired art, Paul Simon lyrics and a Mario Cuomo book among the things in Bloomberg’s “gift closet.” [Annie Karni / NY Post]

Hacked: Weiner’s Twitter and Facebook account compromised; lewd photo sent. [Alison Gendar / NY Daily News]

Hacked: Spokesman said Weiner ignored warning saying his password was changed. [Ginger Otis / NY Post]

Hacked: “Tivo shot. FB hacked. Is my blender gonna attack me next?” [Anthony Weiner / Twitter]

Robocalls: Editors want Schumer and Gilllibrand to stop the “harassment by overzealous campaigns.” [Democrat and Chronicle]

Smoking: Bronx lawmaker wants ban at state park. [Candice Giove / NY Post]

Unwanted Endorsements: Niagra Falls mayoral candidate said he didn’t want GOP backing that went to rival. [Mark Scheer / Niagara Gazette]

Cross Endorsement: Conservatives back Democrat Mark Schroeder for Buffalo comptroller. [Buffalo News]

Cross Endorsement: A Democrat suggests backing GOP Donovan for re-election. [Tom Wrobleski / SI Advance]

Unions: Construction worker salaries aren’t what’s driving construction costs up, says union boss. [Gary LaBarbera / NY Daily News]

Timing: 35 percent rise in average response time for filling potholes in NYC. [Jennifer Cunningham / NY Daily News]

Traveling: Weiner to Wisconsin next week. [Twitter]

Roundup: ‘Tradition of Excellence’

mrb nypd333 Roundup: Tradition of Excellence
Mayor Bloomberg speaks at NYPD Promotion Ceremony. May 27, 2011 (Photo Credit: Spencer T Tucker)

Disclosed: One day after criticism in Daily News, Cuomo releases unredacted disclosure forms. [Nick Reisman / Capital Tonight]

Disclosed: Cuomo has $250,000 in the bank, $60,000 in interest earnings. [AP]

Disclosed: “Bloomberg is again refusing to release his unedited income taxes.” [AP]

Disclosed: Bloomberg donates Jeep he gave his daughter as high school graduation gift. [Erin Einhorn / Daily News]

Cuomo’s Tour: Silver’s spokesman says not much reaction from the public. [Celeste Katz / Daily News]

Same Sex-Marriage: Financial, libertarian argument provides cover to Republicans. [Colby Hamilton / WNYC]

2012: Rudy leads. [Clemente Lisi / NY Post]

2012: What scared trump is scrutiny. [Wayne Barrett / Daily Beast]

CityTime: So far, 8 arrests. [Michael Saul / WSJ]

CityTime: $5 million in kickbacks, allegedly, for Gerard Denault. [Greg Smith and Scott Shifrel / Daily News]

Abortions: Bans on late-term abortions mostly symbolic. [Ben Smith / Politico]

Fire Houses: “Restorations aren’t certain.” [Gary Buiso / Courier Life]

Guilty: Former district leader Perfetto guilty of impersonating a lawyer. [Thomas Tracy / Brooklyn Paper]

Pics: Bloomberg and Kelly at a NYPD promotion ceremony. [Spencer Tucker / Flickr]

Breakfast: Tracy Sefl doesn’t care where Lazio eats. [Twitter]

And Gianaris wants a vote on same-sex marriage, even if there aren’t enough votes to pass it. [Domenick Rafter / Queens Tribune]