Morning Read: The Borders in Israel, The Marriages in Albany

1967 Borders: “[A] subtle, but significant shift, in American policy.” [Mark Landler and Steve Myers]

1967 Borders: “sure to go down poorly in Israel.” [Thomas deFrank and Joseph Straw]

1967 Borders: “He has disrespected Israel and undermined it’s ability to negotiate peace,” said Romney. [SA Miller]

1967 Borders: “terribly disturbing.” [New York Post]

Same-Sex Marriage: Editors back Bloomberg, not Cuomo. “No matter what the final count, the note needs to happen.” [New York Times]

Same-Sex Marriage: Golden introduces ‘Defense of Marriage Act’ with Republican Libous and Democrat Diaz. [Casey Seiler]

Same-Sex Marriage: Golden’s bill “gives conservative senators a rallying point in the fight.” [Brendan Scott]

Same-Sex Marriage: “I am sending the message that there is some normalcy in this great state when it comes to the principled idea that marriage is between a man and a woman,” said Golden. [Glenn Blain]

Tawana Brawley: “I just don’t believe they treated that case fair,” said Sharpton. [Helen Kennedy]

Closing Fire Companies: Silver says Bloomberg is just negotiating with the City Council. [Erin Einhorn and Jonathan Lemire]

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