Roundup: Fiction by a Bloomberg, Theories by Breitbart

georgina book Roundup: Fiction by a Bloomberg, Theories by Breitbart
Georgina Bloomberg's book

2012: No 2012 contender “ever served in uniform.” [Clyde Haberman / NY Times]

2012: Palin meets Trump in NYC. [Michael Falcone / ABC News]

2012: Palin to visit Statue of LIberty and Ellis Island, by bus. [Brian Thompson / NBC New York]

Conspiracy Theories: Weiner following “quite young girls” on Twitter, says Andrew Breitbart. [Washupeacecoalition / Youtube]

Lessons: MSM mesmerized by stories about new media. [Alex Altman / Time]

Redistricting: It won’t be easy, says Rep. Tonko. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Real Fiction: Mayor’s daughter writes a book; mirrors the life she knows; first of two-book deal with Bloomsbury; her father read it. [Julie Bosman and Michael Barbaro / NY Times]

Real Fiction: Georgina Bloomberg is like her character, Thomasina Aaronson. [Ray Gustini / The Atlantic]

Staffing Cuomo: The case for keeping Chris Ward at Port Authority. [Noah Kazis / Streetsblog]

Crime: Stringer alerts residents of man assaulting elderly Manhattan residents. [NY Times]


Texas Gov. Rick Perry To Pinch-Hit for Trump at GOP Dinner

rick perry pray rain texas Texas Gov. Rick Perry To Pinch Hit for Trump at GOP DinnerAfter Donald Trump abandoned his presidential bid earlier this month, he abandoned his scheduled speaking appearance at the Manhattan Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day dinner, setting off a furious reaction from county party chairman Dan Isaacs.

Well, the party goes on, as they say, and Isaacs has landed a pretty formidable back-up: Texas Governor (and possible presidential candidate) Rick Perry.

In a statement, Issacs takes pains to say that his home state would be better off if someone like Perry was running things.

“Governor Perry is the perfect example that we in New York should be looking to,” he said.
“At a time when New York ranks at or near the bottom among states in every important metric, Texas is leading the way.  By focusing on keeping taxes low and fostering a fair legal and regulatory environment, Governor Perry has helped Texas attract business and residents at a time when New York has been hemorrhaging both.  As a result, Texas will gain four seats during next year’s congressional reapportionment when New York will lose two.”

The release also includes praise for Isaacs from New York State G.O.P. chairman Ed Cox, which is noteworthy because Isaacs has been mentioned as a potential challenger to Cox when his term ends later this year.

Said Cox, who is also serving as a speaker at the event, “Governor Perry’s attendance at the New York County Republican Dinner proves that New York is still the center of the universe, for politics and otherwise.  I congratulate Dan for bringing him to New York and look forward to helping him give Governor Perry a rousing welcome to the Big Apple.”

Perry has been flirting with a presidential run for awhile, and has recently sent particularly strong signals that he will jump into what is widely regarded as a weak Republican field.



Amidst Twitter Turmoil, Weiner Takes Time To Tweak GOP [Video]

anthony weiner Amidst Twitter Turmoil, Weiner Takes Time To Tweak GOP [Video]The st0ry of Anthony Weiner’s hacked Twitter account sending a crotch-shot to a female admirer continues to have legs, with the news this morning that the congressman has hired a lawyer to investigate what he dismisses as “a prank.”

But the hub-bub hasn’t slowed the notoriously outspoken lawmaker, who earlier today blasted the House Republicans for bringing a “clean” bill to the floor to raise the nation’s debt ceiling under a rule that would require 2/3rds of Congress for passage.

“Republicans are playing with fire by voting against an extension of the debt limit today. I hope that the markets understand a political stunt when they see one,” Weiner said. “Because, to much of the world, putting the full faith and credit of our nation at risk understandably seems like playing Russian roulette.”

The bill will allow Republicans to go on record against a bill that doesn’t contain deep spending cuts.

Capitol Hill cameras caught up with Weiner and asked him about the alleged hack/prank. As this video shows, he seems to be tiring of the questions.

Take a look:

Schneiderman to Sue Feds Over Fracking

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced today that he will file a lawsuit against the federal government for its failure to conduct a full environmental review of a proposal that would permit the “hydrofracking” of natural gas in the Delaware River Basin.

“Before any decisions on drilling are made, it is our responsibility to follow the facts and understand the public health and safety effects posed by potential natural gas development,” Schneiderman said. “The federal government has an obligation to undertake the necessary studies, and as I made clear last month, this office will compel it to do so. The welfare of those living near the Delaware River Basin, as well as the millions of New Yorkers who rely on its pure drinking water each day, will not be ignored.”

According to Schneiderman’s office, federal law requires federal agencies to conduct a full review of anything that may cause significant environmental impacts, but that the Delaware River Basin Commission greenlighted natural gas drilling without undertaking a review.

Last month, a blowout at a Pennsylvania natural gas drilling site caused chemical-laced water to spill into a nearby stream.


Jacobs Uncertain Of Future as State Dem Chair

cuomo Jacobs Uncertain Of Future as State Dem ChairState Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs proudly carried the party’s banner–quite literally, at times–during yesterday’s Little Neck-Douglaston Memorial Day Parade, marching alongside Governor Andrew Cuomo up Northern Blvd.

Earlier this year, The Post reported that the two were on the outs, with Cuomo looking to replace Jacobs as state chair with Cuomo’s ally Charlie King, who now serves as the party’s executive director.

Such a move would not be  unexpected–state chairs are determined by the vote of the county chairmen, but it is customary for a governor to want to put his own person in the slot, and Jacobs is very much an ally of former Governor David Paterson.

In an interview after the parade, Jacobs said that he was still waiting to find out about his future.

“We are going to talk about all of those things when we’ve got time for the politics,” he said. “I think the governor has been so immersed in the governmental stuff he hasn’t focused on what he wants the state party to do. Obviously I am anxious to hear what his views are. We are good friends. We get along great. I am the Nassau chair, of course, I will continue in that.  I am just going to see what he wants to do.”

When Jacobs became state chairman in 2009, he had presided over a Democratic wave in Nassau County that helped flip the State Senate. Since then, however, Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi lost his re-election and the Senate flipped back to Republican hands, with those Long Island lawmakers losing their seats in the process.

In one bright spot for Jacobs, he may have an extra Congressional seat if Peter King goes through with his threat to run for president.

Jacobs said he wasn’t sure the prospect of President King was worth flipping one Congressional seat, even in his own backyard.

“There is a good piece to that for me,” he said. “It opens a seat for Congress. That’s the one positive. I don’t know if the trade-off is worth it. He is quite a character in Nassau County.”






schumer weiner222 Virtually
Senator Schumer and Rep. Weiner. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

“I am virtually certain he had nothing to do with this.”

–Senator Chuck Schumer, in the Daily News, reacting to Congressman Weiner’s Twitter controversy.

Update: Schumer’s full response:

“I don’t know the details. But I know him to be a person of integrity and I am virtually certain he had nothing to do with this.”