Guy Molinari: Trump Is ‘A Son of a Bitch’

large 01 23 staten island guy  Guy Molinari: Trump Is A Son of a BitchDonald Trump may run into trouble in his own backyard if he does decide to run for president.

Guy Molinari, the former congressman, borough president and longtime Staten Island political powerbroker called the real estate magnate turned reality television star “a son of a bitch–and you can quote me on that” during a brief interview earlier this week. The Politicker caught up with Molinari before a town hall hosted by Michael Grimm, a Molinari protege who was elected to Congress last fall.

“He is creating so many problems for us and for the legitimate candidates,” Molinari said. “He is not qualified.”

Molinari said he was holding out hope that his friend Rudy Giuliani would run again.

Of Trump, he said, “It becomes a game to him. He is enjoying the game.”

Molinari said he clashed with the developer when he served as Staten Island BP. Molinari however seemed to be unconcerned about the prospects of a President Trump. Or even a candidate Trump, for that matter.

“He will not run,” Molinari said. “He will absolutely not run.”

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